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January-February 2015


A heartfelt "Happy New Year" to all our customers. Wishing much happiness and good health to you and yours in 2015, and as always - wishing you beautiful DIAMONDS. Jason is back from a well deserved break overseas, moving through Hong Kong, Dubai, Ukraine, USA, Panama and Colombia for business and pleasure. You may have seen many of his interesting adventures photographically documented on our Facebook page.

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December 2014


Christmas is just around the corner and almost all of our anticipated pre-Christmas deliveries are in production and on their way to completion ahead of the festive season. What do you all have planned for the silly season this year? The studio will be open until the last day of trade on the 23rd December, reopening on Monday 5th January.

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November 2014


Well Summer is finally here after a glorious Spring. The purple flush of Jacarandas in Brisbane are always a joy to behold. Christmas is coming up so quickly, and we have had a flurry of exciting new designs this past month which we are excited to see in their complete pieces. Stay tuned for new designs in upcoming newsletters!

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October 2014


Jason has returned from his big Greek Island adventure - looking tanned and relaxed, as you would expect. Who could believe the end of the year is approaching so quickly?! Keep in mind that any orders you might want before Christmas will take 4-5 weeks to create, so get your skates on soon!

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September 2014


This month I'd like to talk about coloured diamonds and the contrast of colour of metal coming together to create a unique design. Platinum, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold can be mixed with any colour combination of white, pink, black, etc. diamonds to give a stunning contrast or enhance the colour.

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August 2014


As always there are a variety of new happenings keeping us busy here in the studio. Jason returned from Hong Kong, where he was hand delivering a very special piece to one of our clients.

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July 2014


It's hard to believe we are nearly half way through the year. Although the weather may be cooling down, things are staying busy and interesting in the studio, with some exciting new developments afoot.

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June 2014


Well, the new federal budget may have smacked some of us into tightening our purse rings somewhat, but love (like cosmetic sales, I'm told) continues to thrive regardless, and with it - the purchase of some beautiful jewellery. We have been delighted to see that those lucky folk who've found their special someone will brook no resistance in the name of love, and have continued to honour us with the privilege of creating their special pieces.

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May 2014


With all these public holidays, April has been a relatively short month in the studio - but busy, busy, to make up for it! In addition, Emily has been on her annual leave in the USA for the month - we have certainly missed her, are excited to have her back for the start of May (and to hear all about her adventures).

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April 2014


Jason returned from the international jewellery fares in Hong Kong and Bangkok full of new inspiration and ideas and excited to implement them into the business in the upcoming months. One such development is our new "Newsletter Special", whereby we will be offering a heavily discounted piece for the first 48 hours after the newsletter has been published - see our first one below, a spectacular yellow oval diamond centre stone, at this price, it is beyond a bargain.

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